Sunday, January 31, 2016

another Kaffe conundrum

I had a very clear and simple image of the quilt I wanted to make with a selection of Kaffe floral prints I have. It was going to be so easy. But Kaffe fabrics never are. These three photos don't look like much but that was a weeks work, deciding on the main background colour and placing the 25 florals. 
Each square will be framed to double it's size and there will be a mixture of plains used. It's the quilt of the front of Kaffe's Quilts in the Sun book, which I don't actually own but...
The idea is to make an 'inside garden'. It will look much better once the blocks are made and spread the prints out but what is it with Kaffe fabrics?? - they promise so much and deliver so much difficulty! I'm always left wondering "do I actually like this?" I can see a little more fiddling needs to happen. 

the boys

...have been to stay. Late January, the weather warms up and you wonder why you wanted it too - 30 degrees in Hamilton is hideous. All the junk mail says 'Back to School" and makes me want to scream! because you know you have to go to work and... Nice to play with the grandies.

 Ice creams at Duck Island.
 Paddle pool time. 
Pilots at Punnet.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

...and a happy new year!

It's already the 17th of January - half way through the first month of the  year - and I have only just found time to get back to my blog. Last year I did my inaugural year of Project365. It was a highly stimulating project to undertake. At times I absolutely loved it and at other times I just wanted out but I persevered and completed on the 19th December. I will continue to post to 365 but not every day and that's a relief. I hope to post more regularly this year to Spooling. Well that's the NYR (new years resolution) along with a whole heap of others, will see how it goes.
The new year involved a week in Coromandel Town on the Coromandel Peninsula. Coromandel is one of my favourite places in all the world. If you've never been there put it on your bucket list. And yet again we discovered new places to visit - Waiau Falls and the Siamese Kauris. I've yet to visit New Chums beach, Stony Bay or Kennedy's Bay so there is plenty of exploring left to do.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Merry Christmas

Christmas' come and Christmas' go, 2015 was no exception. The prodigal son came home for a visit, the Tauranga contingent had an 'orphans' Christmas and the grandies went to Napier. The pictures tell the story.

Friday, October 2, 2015

birthday week

It's been a busy week with a quilt to finish for Iggy's second birthday. Amazing what can be achieved in one week of school holidays. And baking to do for the joint birthday party. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Eye Spy II

Unbelievably it is time to make an Eye Spy quilt for Iggy! He will be two in October so it's time for me to rattle up a quilt. I'm going to use the same plain grey as I used with Max's and am experimenting with a zigzag rail fence design - an eye spy quilt but not A-Z. Should I ever have more grandchildren I will need to go fabric shopping again! - only scraps left of all the cutest prints.

Monday, May 25, 2015


被禁止 (forbidden) is not a word that is used very often in modern language. It's probably a translation thing but so many of the English signs in China contained the word 'forbidden',  to the extent that it became a bit of a joke. It seemed to me that in a country where there are so many rules, where so much is or has been 'forbidden' the Chinese people are not really rule followers. Overall it was a very mind expanding trip, my views on China have definitely shifted. We all live the lives we do because of China and yet we can be very scathing. The Chinese government is working hard to provide for its people. We ignore or dismiss China at our own peril.
Just a few more images and then that is that.

Daniel's Laneway apartment block. He's the only european living there, on the 6th floor.
 Apartment view dominated by unique clothes lines.
Daniel's apartment from the door, bathroom on left. Small but adequate in a city of 25,000.000.
 Xintandi, my favourite shopping spot.
Luxury shopping mall window display.
The one on the left (Shanghai World Financial Centre)  is the one I went up, the one on the right (Shangahi Tower) is the new tallest building in Shanghai, the middle one is the Jin Mao tower. 
The perspective is deceiving. That's China.